Blockbusters like “Dawn of the Dead” and “Resident Evil” have made zombies an integral part of mass culture. Today, the development of technology takes the zombie universe to a new level. Now you can not just watch the adventures of movie characters on the screen. Saving the world from the invasion of bloodthirsty mutants is in your hands.

How does it work?

The new laser tag device creates a wide range of possibilities for atmospheric and frightening quests.

In its design and software settings, the “Zombie” game set is similar to the popular “Hostage” set from LASERWAR . Bright LEDs, multizonality, background glow – all these advantages are also available in “Zombie”. With the help of the laser tag configurator, you can adjust the set parameters such as the number of monster health units, the level of invulnerability, and the time of glow in case of injury.

“Zombie” is completely autonomous and independent. A zombie player doesn’t need a tagger! In order to be able to do so, we have developed special IR diode boards. They are built into the sensors on the body. There are only four of them. Sensors emit hitting pulses at intervals of 2-3 seconds. The blast radius is up to 5 meters. Everyone who gets hit takes damage. The more damage from the “Zombie”, the faster the player dies.

When fighters hit the device from their taggers, the “Zombie” begins to “give back” the received damage.

You will immediately find out who has that bandage on the playground. “Zombie” sensors always glow bright green.

Design and ergonomics

zombie play set for laser tag

We made the “Zombie” device as compact and practical as possible. It weighs only 220 grams. Playing in a bandage like this will be comfortable even for a child.

The battery and control board are located in different bodies, so that the weight of the device is evenly distributed. The blocks have strong rounded lids to ensure safety of the players. They reliably protect the electronics from moisture and impacts.

The sensors are made of polycarbonate and withstand mechanical damage. The electronic boards are protected by a special lacquering coating. All that guarantees the smooth operation of the device at rental clubs.

Each bandage comes with a replacement cuff. It’s convenient and practical: when you have a few activities in a day at your club, you can easily replace the cuff and return the bandage to the game again.

The cuff is made up of two layers. The modern AirMesh material touches the player’s skin. This high-quality coating is used in the manufacture of sports goods of the world’s leading brands. AirMesh is a mesh material consisting of three layers of knitted fabric. They form cells of different sizes. Thanks to this structure, the material breathes well and dries quickly. It’s hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation when rubbing. AirMesh is durable and long-lasting, it retains its appearance for a long time.

The second layer of the cuff is a polyethylene foam substrate. It protects the electronics from moisture.


zombie game set for laser tag

The device is activated by means of any remote control or “First aid kit”. “Zombie” works with laser tag equipment of all generations of LASERWAR. The “Zombie” game set opens up a wealth of opportunities for laser tag club owners. Organize a game at your own playground and hold a road trip quest – “Zombie” will be suitable for any purpose. Laser tag lovers will appreciate the variety of scenarios that will be available with this device. So, it will allow you to present in a new way the familiar scenarios of “the capture of the control point”, Team Deathmatch and “Storm”. Filmmakers will be delighted with the prospect of feeling like a hero of cult horror. Add some thematic make-up and good decorations – and a powerful charge of adrenaline to all participants of the action is guaranteed!

Additional information

Battery life

up to 48 h

Battery type

Li+ (1.8 Ah; 7,4V)


0.220 kg