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By default, Laserwar LLC equipment comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which is described at the manufacturer’s site here In a nutshell, any faults will be resolved over Skype with the assistance of a Laserwar service specialist, in case of the manufacturer’s fault, Laserwar LLC will post replacement parts for you to replace under their instruction over Skype or email.

For UK clients you can also upgrade this warranty with a UK service contract with us for one or two years, where you will be first advised over Skype to resolve the fault remotely either by performing simple manipulation with the equipment or by installing the replacement part under our assistance.

Failing to resolve or diagnose the fault, you will post your equipment to our service centre in Blackpool where it will be repaired and sent back to you. In the event of the manufacturer’s fault, the repair is free, you cover only the shipping costs. If equipment fault is not related to manufacturing defect we will bill you the cost of parts. With this warranty, we do all repair work for you at a cost, even if the fault is not related to a manufacturing defect.