And now it’s time to talk more about the functionality of the new device, which was announced in our group.

But first, let’s talk about the specs:

3 unique scenarios with the ability to add new ones;

3 LED scales with segmented LEDs as in the digital flag;

OLED display. You can see the game process and stats right on the screen;

a great digital sound that you will hear at a large distance;

audio clues in all the key moments of the device operation;

the 3000mAh battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation;

compatibility with all laser tag generations from LASERWAR;

the lowest pre-order price.

One of the design solutions of the game set is presented above. The controls are located on the top panel of the device:

standard connector for Li+ charging;

anti-vandal lock for switching the device on;

large red button checking that the game set is used and the settings are modified by a real player;

16×2 OLED-display securely covered with glass;

There are three game scenarios available in the basic game set:

Time gates. In this scenario, the team’s goal is to ‘paint’ the gates in the correspondent color. The team must control the gates before their launch. The gates have a specified number of health points (9 hp by default). The opposing team must attack and hit the gates until they are completely destroyed.
Don’t forget about the round time. If the first team manages to hold the gates during the round, it wins; if the gates are completely destroyed, the other team wins.

Time stealers. In this mode, the device waits first for the two teams to open fire. These teams are given the same amount of time. If one team hits the Time Point, it will drain the other team’s time until it has completely run out of time. The winner is the team that either completely stole the time of the enemy team or stole more time during the round.

Clash of worlds. In this scenario, the maximum number of teams is 4. Any of the teams can capture the device by pressing a button and confirming the capture with a shot. The color of the Time Point matches the color of the team which captured the device and counts down the total capture time as well as the time left to the end of the round. At the end of the round, the team with the biggest capture time wins. The time of the last two teams which captured the device is displayed on the screen.

You can order the device in our online store. The small price of 110 dollars will not be burdensome for clubs. Hopefully, the quarantine will be over soon and you’ll be able to test the game set in real games. Have a good game!