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The game set requires hit sensors.

The SR-21 GHOST, a sniper rifle based on the AR-15, is now in the LASERWAR arsenal! With the advent of AR-15 based models, our arsenal of laser tag weapons can suit the interests of any club. Our models reveal a new era of laser tag. All of the industry’s new products are brought together in one model that will turn your perception of the game upside down!

Detailed design. The careful machining of the inner structure provides unrivalled strength, which is a distinguished mark of LASERWAR models. Each device component, from switches and batteries to electronic modules and displays, is located in a strictly designated area. All components of the game set are securely fixed, which gives +100 to its failure-free operation.

While developing the new body, we set ourselves the task of creating a weapon, which could be defined at a glance, but would have a unique personality. And we managed to do that.

The recognizable features of the AR-15 are implemented in the corporate style of LASERWAR. Every element of the game set is thought out to the last detail. The modular layout allows the AR-15 to be easily converted into a light sniper rifle. The outer tube with Prism or Parallax optics, short magazine, tactical grip and Picatinny rails for installing sights and additional equipment – everything is functional and brilliantly thought-out.

The revolutionary Parallax optics will not leave your opponent with a chance even at the maximum distance of 450 m. The phenomenal accuracy of the Parallax requires particular precision in aiming.

The alternative is Prism optics. A classic that has stood the test of time. The optical system, fully developed and patented by LASERWAR, is certified and absolutely safe for the players. The choice is yours.

The 3000 mAh lithium battery allows to play for up to a day and a half without reloading in winter or summer.

Length – 82/92 cm, weight 1.5 kg. The game set includes a rifle with a tube and a tactical grip. The optical sight is a separate buying option.