The charger is designed for Li + 7.4 V accumulators that have a protection board. It allows you to recharge six game sets or headbands at the same time. We have tested the new device for a long time and have chosen the optimal conductor length – 1.5 meters, the charger itself is plugged into an outlet of 220 V through the classic computer power plug used for home PCs and monitors. The plug is included in the set.
This is a “smart” category device, and it is advantageously different from conventional Chinese ones.

The advantage № 1 is a charge time control, current cut off, and overheating protection.
The Spider keeps track of the voltage and monitors the charging technology under the HS-CV scheme. First, the device accumulates direct current before the nominal voltage is reached. The voltage is then constantly maintained, and the current drops to 0, 01 C (where C is the battery or cell capacity). At the end of the process, the power supply will be switched to trickle mode, the device will start sending micro-current to the battery so it will remain fully charged.

The advantage № 2 is an increased accumulator life.
Due to the fact that Spider takes care of the batteries, doesn’t recharge them and maintains battery capacity, the total working time of power supply is increased. The lithium accumulator used to have 3 + years of service life, the use of spiders will increase this time to 5 years.

The advantage № 3 is security.
Careful charging, time control are fundamental security factors. You can charge the equipment at night, the accumulators will not be affected.