Laserwar Company has a rule: high quality is above all. Today we are talking about Smart Li+, an additional device from our company. It is designed to power lithium accumulator and has many advantages.

1. The high-quality chip used in this device was released last year in the United States. This is one of the most advanced components which can be used for our company`s goals.

2. Charge indicator.
If you connect a rifle with accumulator voltage higher than 7.6 V, the charge process will not start. This voltage is enough for having a few more games. If you still want to recharge the equipment, you can start the charging process manually. To do this, connect the tagger to the charger, then connect the charger to the 220v network.

3. Extended accumulator life.
Smart Li+ takes care of accumulators, doesn’t recharge them and maintains their capacity.

4. Turn off the battery after a full charge.
The device uses a SS-CV algorithm, the basic principle of which is: do not exceed allowable current and voltage parameters for accumulator charging. This fundamental rule allows charging deeply discharged accumulators. At the end of the charging process, the power source will be switched to the trickle charging mode, the device will start sending micro-currents to the accumulator, thus preventing its self-discharge.

5. Perfect Price.
The price can’t leave you cold. You have a chance to buy the most advanced charger at such a cheap price. Smart Li + is protected from a defective accumulator connection, it has a security timer, which makes it an ideal solution for such a price.


10 W
Battery capacity
0.75 – 3 Ah
0.6 А
Voltage8.4 V
ModelSmart Li+