Safety Decals


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According to realistic imitation firearms legislation (The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 ‘Realistic Imitation Firearms’ Regulations 2007 ‘acting out of military or law enforcement scenarios for the purposes of recreation’ is classed as a ‘permitted activity’ as long as you have a public liability insurance ‘held in relation to liabilities to third parties arising from or in connection with the organisation and holding of those activities’.

However, we are additionally providing special decals made of heavy-duty reflective film similar to one used on emergency response vehicles. They are optional, but if in doubt, you are encouraged to seek legal advice specific to your circumstances.

To avoid potential misunderstandings you might want to make sure that when playing Laser Tag skirmish you do it on private property with landowner’s permission. You cannot play in public places or bring Laser Tag equipment into public places, as its use is restricted to private places. Please take in account that playing Laser Tag skirmish even with taggers that are not realistic firearm imitations can still cause public nuisance, so you must restrict your recreational activities to private places with landowner’s permission only.


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