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We have always acknowledged the fact that these are among the most important elements of a laser tag blaster. Why? Because all the attention is drawn to a scope and so it is our incentive to make it look as authentic as possible. When designing the Prism, we ensured that it looks exactly like real silencers. The taggers that come with such sights do not look like toys, while our company logo won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Distance is the key indicator used to differentiate between laser tag and other military and sports games. This parameter is regulated by means of the LASERWAR configurator, which is the advantage of laser tag. This means that you can always choose the required values for a comfortable game. Compared to Prism, the distance has increased by 25-50%. Next week, we will tell and show more about this in our videos.

As to the new operating system, we have gone even further. Flash suppressors were used as a basis. Taggers fitted with Parallax scopes look like combat weapon samples. Compared to the Prism hybrid, the length and the diameter of the barrel of the new optical system are almost 3 times as small. Besides, each type of weapon has its unique design. Assault rifles, machine guns, SMGs can boast extraordinary designs. In 2018, we can say that none of the producers on the laser tag market offers such a solution.

In the process of product development, we acknowledged the needs of hire clubs, as well as of players with own taggers. Both need reliability and comfort when repairing and replacing barrels. The new Parallax scopes are made from thermoplastic polymer, which is just as good as other highly durable polymers used for construction purposes. The tests that were held showed that Parallax will withstand hard wear, while the internal components are well protected against humidity, dirt, dust, and snow.

The new scope is absolutely safe for eyes. This is not an unsupported claim – our Parallax has a safety certificate, and we are not going to hide it from you. It can be found on our website.

The optical system includes:

1. Tube.

2. Lens.

3. IR-module.


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