The new stylish device for scenario games in the world of Fallout, Doomsday and the like was tested for the first time at MFL-2019. It became so popular with the players that the prototype was purchased by the participants immediately after the end of the games. Therefore, we decided to offer the organizers and owners of laser tag clubs this device in the form of a separate module that can significantly expand the scenario framework of events.

New device for scenario games. Pandora's box

It is a “Pandora’s box” – an electronic box where a tube of radioactive (or biologically dangerous) substance is stored. According to the game scenario, it must be removed from the device and delivered to the point of destination.

When the players have found Pandora’s box, which has a characteristic warning coloring, they have to remove the tube from it. But it’s not that simple. The proven method of “pulling the cord and squeezing out the glass” does not work here – you will have to find the code for the electronic lock.

New device for scenario games. Pandora's box

The process of selecting the number is started by a player’s shot at the device sensor and takes 2 minutes by default, after which the code number is shown on the information display, and the player can start decoding the next number. But the enemy is always ready for action. He also wants to be the first. When the device is hit by an opposing player, a new decoding cycle begins. The previous player’s code will be deleted. Thus, in order to open the 6-digit code with a 2-minute decryption cycle (default values), the team must capture and hold the device for 12 minutes until the hack is complete.

New device for scenario games. Pandora's box

After the decryption is complete, the code is entered using a numeric panel, (it is also shown on the OLED display) and a magnetic lock is activated to open the device door. Players can pick up a tube of radioactive material that, once out of the box, emits a characteristic Geiger counter crack and radiation pulses. A player who has been in close proximity to the tube for too long risks his hp.

New device for scenario games. Pandora's box

The hit rate is 10 units of health every 30 seconds.

The tube must then be delivered to the point of destination, depending on the chosen game scenario.

The tube can be used as a separate artefact – a source of radiation.

New device for scenario games. Pandora's box

Pandora’s box is powered by 7.4 V lithium batteries and charged with standard Li+ chargers from LASERWAR. The “radioactive” tube has its own micro USB power supply. You can buy the Pandora’s box in the LASERWAR online shop at a price of 310 dollars for a set of an electronic device and radioactive tube.

The scenario capabilities of the set are planned to be significantly expanded by introducing new devices in which “radioactive” tubes can be installed for various scenario purposes – mining, as energy sources, for decontamination purposes, etc. Everything, in this case, is limited only by the imagination of the organizers.

Go right ahead and have great games!

Additional information


42x30x12 cm


2.3 kg

Battery type

Li+ (2,0 Ah; 7,4V)

Charger type

Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA)


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