One of the distinguishing features of “Medic Box v.5” is touch control panel, the device looks as modern as never before. It is securely fixed to the frame and impervious to bad weather conditions.

The set uses a special motherboard. It has better interconnection wiring and good quality components.

The frame is made of plastic. Dimensions – 145 mm x 90 mm x 32 mm. Weight – 230 g. Four «АА» batteries are the heart of the game set. Without the batteries, the weight is only 140 g.

The main feature of the game set is an extended list of commands for configuration. Thus the device can not only restore health and ammunition, but also play the role of a first aid kit, anomaly devices, etc.

Use the configurator to change the settings.

To enter the programming mode place the set next to the USB-base ( which is connected to the personal computer; the device sensors face each other) and run the “New Game” mode on the remote control. Wait ten seconds to enter the mode. At the same time, the LEDs will light up in purple.

In the program, you can change the number of sets – a traditional “Medic” parameter (including “Unlimited resources”) –  how many times you can use the device until it reboots.

You can configure other parameters using the same program.

“Holding Time”

Now you should not only push a button but hold it down for several seconds. Moreover, this process is accompanied by a sound (short beeps and one long beep, indicating that the device has been activated). The color of diodes will also be changed (from green to blue), the diodes will become brighter.

“The number of hits to destroy one set.”

Yes, you can shoot at the device. The Medic device can be shot at by any player from any team. You can disable this option (tick the “Ignore hit” option).

When hit the device makes a special sound. The color of the diodes depends on the number of sets left: green (more than 50% of sets) – yellow (from 25% to 50%) – bright red (less than 25%) – dim red (the sets are destroyed). When all the sets have been destroyed “Medic v.5” should be restarted (choose the “New Game” option on the remote).

If you remove all the batteries from the “destroyed” game set and put them back the “Medic” won’t come to life. We call it “a memory effect”.

4 “AA” batteries are the heart of the set. Depending on the intensity of use they will give you 4 months of great performance. If the device is inactive for an hour it will go into standby mode.

Additional information

Battery type

4 batteries AA (1.5 V)


14.5 x 9 x 3.2 cm


0.220 kg