A new platform has been used for the Hostage well-known to our players. All the advantages of the new RGB headband which we introduced earlier on have been implemented in the new version. The bright LEDs, multiple sensors, and the background light have proved efficient in simple battles. Therefore, these features will suit ideally the scenarios, which involve saving hostages and VIPs.

The approach to the device operation changed, too. In the old version of the device there were preset colours. Therefore, the party responsible for other people’s lives had to be selected from the very beginning. The colour of the RGB variant is neutral by default. So, either laser tag team can fight for hostages.

The first shot does not kill the Hostage. Instead, it determines to which team he will belong. Thanks to the background light function, the allies will know whom they have to defend, while the rivals, on their part, will know whom they need to focus their attention on. After the Hostage has been assigned a team’s colour, the laser tag villains become after him, for he can now be killed. The death of the player is accompanied by bright LEDs flashes and sound effects.

Everything remained unchanged otherwise: convenient setting up using the laser tag configurator, ease of use and reliability, which is typical of all LASERWAR products.

Additional information

Battery type

Li+ (1,8 Ah)

Battery life

up to 48 h


0.220 kg

Control blocks

2 pcs

Defeat sensors amount

4 pcs