For Head Sensors


Due to severe restrictions introduced on shipping loose batteries by air (that is spare batteries not contained within the equipment) the cost of us importing them and re-packing for you according to ICAO guidelines and shipping by cargo airplane as dangerous cargo become prohibitively expensive.

We advise to purchase these batteries direct from the manufacturer who is able to ship them directly to you.

Please follow this link to order. If this link expires, please let us know at and we will update it.



Once you receive the batteries you will need to remove the supplied connector and solder wires directly to your device according to the correct voltage. When cutting off the connector please cut wires each separately, so you do not short circuit the battery by your cutting tool.

Please note those batteries must have built-in protection circuit PCB for prevent over charging or over discharging. Batteries supplied via above link have one, but when they arrve please double check it is in place.