The device represents a box made of black shock resistant abs-plastic. The box has a carrying handle for the player’s convenience. The game master can turn on and reboot the device using a special key. The players can only activate/deactivate the device by entering a password. There is no need to use a PC — all settings are editable through the admin menu. All information is displayed on two screens: a segment display used for counting and an LCD display — for entering a password, your club’s name, etc.

Technical Characteristics

An IR diode is centered on the board!
Blast radius: Up to 15 meters indoors, thanks to the glance of a signal after hitting a wall.
The battery life on a single charge: up to 24 hours.
A loud piezo signal will indicate the explosion.


How to Use

By default the admin’s password — all 1s, the player’s password — all 2s. If you changed the password and can’t remember it, hold “5” when loading the device. The password will be reset. When you turn on the LCD, you will see time information. If you press any key you will be asked to enter the password. If you enter an admin password, you will get into the admin mode. If you enter the player’s password, the bomb will be activated, the countdown will be displayed on the LED display. The LCD indicator will blink off for some time and then show the “enter the password” menu. If you re-enter the player’s password, the countdown will be stopped. If the time is up, the bomb will immediately explode. You will also hear the sound of a siren coming off the speakers. When deactivated/exploded, the device can be used again only after its power down.

Use from 1 to 11 digits for your password.
Your company logo can also be shown on the menu screen (the fourth option in the admin menu). The logo can be shown on the bottom line of the display during the system startup. How it works: Use 2-8 for entering letters, 4-6 for changing the letter’s position, * — apply,  # — cancel.

Additional information

Battery life

up to 24 h

Battery type

Sonar (14V; 240 mA)

Charger type

SLA (1,2 Ah; 12V)


26 x 24 x 16 cm


2.3 kg


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