The arsenal of laser tag equipment produced by our company has long moved beyond the narrow range. Besides weapon play sets, LASERWAR offers a variety of additional devices that can satisfy the most exquisite demands of both the customers that need the equipment for personal use and club administrators.

When developing our new items, we stick to the tendencies created by consumers’ desires. For your positive reviews about trouble-free operation of our devices and their unique features form the main criteria upon which we base the work of the departments of planning, development, and testing of the innovative LASERWAR equipment.

The hot tendencies of the summer are universal features and increased possibilities of additional devices. The new Cerberus mine took up its place in the line of LASERWAR universal devices for good reason and combined in itself the functions of two devices: a tripwire mine (with a movement sensor) and a Claymore.

Not so long ago, we introduced the Chameleon universal point, which supports 4 types of impulses and can be used to play 3 customizable scenarios. From now on, laser tag fans will also have a mine in their arsenal that will give their rivals a hard time. Whether it is flag capture or holding a checkpoint – these are going to become a real challenge to their virtual enemy. For during a laser tag battle, players may not only get shot – they may be struck by an infrared impulse of a Cerberus. It can strike both allies and rivals – it all depends on the selected settings.


The American anti-personnel mine M18A1 and the Russian MOH-50 served as prototypes for the creation of the body of the device. On the front panel, there are 8 infrared diodes, 2 infrared sensors and 1 red indication LED. Behind the narrow horizontal openings at the rear of the device, there are two powerful 2 W speakers that make the sound of detonation truly realistic. At the bottom of the body, there is a charger inlet with a rubber cap attached to it and a switch button. At the top, there is a groove covered with a cap used for attaching the explosive device.

Made from impact resistant plastic, the black matte body can hardly be broken nor cracked during use. Thanks to its compact dimensions and lack of sticking out elements, the device has an ergonomic construction. At the rear of the body, there are protruding ribs with openings for metal bolts. There are 2 hangers at either side. If desired, one can pull a strap with textile Velcro fastenings through them in order to hang the device on a tree or on a post. In the winter, the Cerberus can just be laid down on the snow. You must agree that the mounting elements on the device offer a lot of possibilities – whatever the conditions of a game polygon, you can place the mine anywhere.

It must be pointed out that LASERWAR specialists have been successful in their attempt to create something innovative. We are talking about movements detection. They have used the classic infrared sensors for the new generation of devices, yet they also managed to do the impossible: they incorporated the reflective principle in a device with small dimensions, while keeping energy consumption levels low. There was a reason for such a technologically complicated development. Unlike the classic alarm ultrasound sensors that go off at any sound or the slightest movement, delivered by the Chinese market on a massive scale, our infrared sensors filter any interferences and provide 99.8% stable work. Thus, thanks to our technology, the chance of accidental work has been brought down to a minimum. Besides, for the stable operation of Chinese sensors, the filtration of interferences must be significantly increased – this substantially lowers movements detection distance, which is very critical for our device.

You may ask, why not use PIR sensors that respond to heat, for they have the highest sensitivity (up to 10–15 meters)? LASERWAR developers decided to keep its designer body an organic whole. Should they have used PIR sensors, they would have to fit the mine with enormous protruding contrastive white hemispherical lenses, which meant they would have to cancel out the aesthetic side of the construction. The solution that had been tried and tested over time – the infrared sensors – became the professionals’ final choice.

The device has relatively small dimensions – 21 x 15 x 8 cm and it only weighs 580 grams. The heart of the mine is a li-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. When fully charged, it will provide 36 hours of trouble-free operation of the Cerberus.


On turning on, the mine will immediately produce a sound signal notifying of the battery charge level. Then, a 5-second countdown will begin. Upon that, the device will produce intermittent sound signals and a LED on the front panel will light up. After the countdown has ended the mine will be ready to detonate.

It will go off in three cases. First – if the infrared motion sensors are activated. Distance – 3 meters. Second – if another mine or grenade detonates nearby. Third – the Cerberus will detonate if it is shot. From the start, there will be 100 HP strength points. The number of shots is determined by the preset weapon damage. When the number of HPs drops below zero, the mine will go off.

The guaranteed defeat radius is up to 12 meters.

After detonation, the device will produce sound signals at certain intervals for 10 minutes. The red LED on the front panel will light up. After 10 minutes, it will turn off.


The process of setting up this device is extremely easy. You won’t need a configurator – it is a manual process. You need to plug a special normally closed contact jack plug key into the charger inlet (included in the delivery set) and turn on the activation button.

On entering this mode, you will hear: ‘Settings Mode’ and the red LED will start blinking frequently. Use the Nano remote to set the device: push the small button to select the required parameter, the large button – to change its value. By the way, you can use any other laser tag remote to do the setting up. In this case, you can select a parameter by means of the ‘admin kill’ button and then do further selections within the chosen parameter by means of the ‘new game’ button. After you’ve been through selecting values for parameters, you need to wait 5 seconds. The mine will save the settings and give a brief sound signal.

To exit the settings menu, turn the device off, then turn it on again.



– Minimum. Quiet sounds do not give away a mine when it is being set up. Accumulator charge is saved.

– All. Clear audio messages. Attractive for casual players.


– Detonation. Total defeat of all the players that are close by – irrespective of the color of a team. In player’s statistics, it will be stated that death was caused by detonation.

– Shot. The mine produces a burst of fire aimed at maximum defeat. At that, the team color and the ID of a player who laid a mine are taken into consideration. This means that a mine detonation may be safe to the players of one’s own team. The owner of a Cerberus boosts own statistics. Besides, it will be stated in the statistics of a killed player that he has been killed by a player who has landed the mine.


– Classic. The mine is activated immediately on turning it on.

– Extensive. After each detonation, the mine needs to be activated by selecting the New Game command on a remote. The device cannot be used endlessly simply by turning it on and off. The principle is as follows: one activation – one detonation. The advantage of the extensive mode is that the mine remembers the ID of a player that has shot it. Thus, a player will boost their statistics after each detonation.

Motion sensor

– Off. Saves battery charge. Rules out accidental detonation.

– On. Allows activation without a real tripwire mine. Saves the time that is required for laying a mine.

Besides the abovementioned parameters, the settings mode can be used to select a team color and a player ID. To do this, shoot the infrared sensor on the front panel. In this case, the mine will acquire the color and the ID of the player that shoots it. You can also use a PRO remote to select the color of a team. In this case, the player will have an ID number 127.


Try out the Cerberus mine in action and share your impressions with us. Don’t miss out on your chance to buy this summer hot item for an incredibly low price – just 5 400 roubles. The Cerberus will freshen up any scenario, make any game process more exciting and will give a hard time to the enemy. The item is for sale from today on! Order the device at LASERWAR online store and get the most of our company laser tag products.

Additional information

Battery life

up to 36 h

Battery type

Li+ (2,2 Ah; 7,4V)

Charger type

Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA)

Effective firing range

up to 12 m


21 x 15 x 8 cm


0.580 kg