The frame is made of metal. On top of the device there is a polyester label. It is impervious to wear and tear. The label is immune to low and high temperatures. The dimensions of 2.0 SMART FIRST AID KIT: length – 25 cm; width – 14.5 cm; height – 5.5 cm. Weight – 1470 g. The device has a special fixing system. It can be mounted on a wall.
The lead-acid accumulator (1.2 Ah) is the heart of the device.

Operation peculiarities

Turn on the device, a special signal will indicate that the device is on. The diodes will be tested, the scale of the first aid kit will be full. The device will run the previous mode (“Health mode” by default).
Use the Laser tag configurator program to change the settings. In addition, you can change settings directly on the go.

1. Changing 2.0 SMART FIRST AID KIT settings using the configurator.

To run the programming mode open the programme, go to the 2.0 SMART FIRST AID KIT section, connect the USB-base to your pc, place the USB-base near the first aid kit and turn the kit on. In 5-10 seconds the device will enter the programming mode, the configurator will display the type of connected device, and the firmware version.

If 2.0 SMART FIRST AID KIT has been already turned on, select “New Game” on the remote control, and place the USB-base as described above.
The following options are available:

“Number of sets” – how many times first aid kit can be used before reloading. This parameter is set in within the range from 1 to 250. Having activated the “Health” or “Ammunition” mod the scale will be filled, indicating that the number of sets has become full. The scale will start thinning out when the player uses the sets. When the number of sets has run out the diode on top of the device will start blinking as well as the red diodes on the periphery of the scale. You can continue using the device by pressing “New Game” on the remote. You can turn off the option thus making the number of sets unlimited.

“Hit the device mode” – how many times the player should hit the first aid kit to reduce the number of sets to 1. You should shoot at the diode located on top of the frame. If hit the color of the diode will change to white, after that you will hear a special sound. The scale that indicates the number of sets will start thinning out. This parameter is set within the range from 1 to 250, it can also be disabled.

“Button Hold Time” – the time during which the player should hold the button to use the first aid kit. This parameter is set in within the range from 1 to 240 seconds. You can disable the option, in this case, the device will start working immediately after pressing the button.

“Activation Time” – Indicates the time showing the frequency of device work in the “Energy” mode. It means the device will activate the chosen option at a selected time interval. This parameter is set in within the range from 1 to 1800 seconds.

“Game Mode” – By quitting the programming mode, the device will boot in the selected game mode.

“Round Duration” – time during which the device will be active from the beginning of the game. At the end of the set time, the programmed number of sets will be automatically reset to zero (even if it was unlimited) and the player wouldn’t be able to use the device. You will have to restart it (choose “New Game” from the remote).

“The Health Mode”. Four teams can play in this mode:
– “Intensive Care” (restores the players’ health points);
– “Immediate New Game”;
– “New Game Delay” (a new game will start with some delay);
– “Health Recovery” (Heal the injures players).

“Ammo”. Eight players can play in this mode:
– “Restore Ammo” (full ammunition recovery, provided that the player’s ammunition is not full);
– “Adds 10 (50, 100) rounds” (adds cartridges provided that the player’s ammunition is not full);
– “Adds 1 (2, 5, 10) magazine(s)” (adds the indicated number of magazines provided that the player’s ammunition is not full).

“Energy Mode.” This is a special mode. When activated the smart first aid kit can run any of 26 modes:
– “Ammo Recovery”;
– “Adds 1 (5, 10, 50, 100) health points”
 (adds health points, provided that the player doesn’t have maximum health points;
– “Intensive Care”;
– “Immediate New Game”;
– “New Game Delay”;

– “Health Recovery”;
– “Stun the Enemy”;
– “Disarm the Enemy”;

– “Fury” (increases the player’s damage ability to 1 point in accordance with the MILES protocol, provided that the player’s damage level is less than 100);
– “Double life until the end of the round”;
– “Power 49% (99%)”;

– “Adrenalin 1 (4, 15, 75) point (s)” (restores the player’s health points in accordance with the MILES protocol, provided that the player doesn’t have maximal health);
– “Anomaly” (restores 1 health point, provided that the player doesn’t have maximal health);
– “Change the team color to red (blue, yellow, green)”;
– “Turn friendly fire on/off.”

2. 2.0 SMART FIRST AID KIT programming on the playground

Here you can only change the game mode and limit the number of sets. To choose a mode you should hold down the red button and run the “New Game” mode on the remote. The diodes will start blinking. Their color depends on the type of the mode (“Health” – green; “Ammunition” – yellow; “Energy” – red); hold the button for 2 – 3 seconds to confirm your choice.
You will hear a short beep – the device starts selecting the number of sets. You can choose two options – a limited supply (you will get the preset number of sets; by default – 10 sets) – the red diodes will start blinking, or an unlimited supply – the LEDs will be constantly changing color (green-yellow-red). Please, confirm your choice by holding the button for 2 or 3 seconds. Then you will hear three short beeps – it means the device has restarted and ready for action.
If the “Health” or “Ammunition” mode is selected with a limited number of sets, the scale will be completely filled. The scale will start thinning out when the sets are used or the first aid kit is under attack. If an unlimited number of sets is selected in the modes, the diodes will start blinking in different colors (green – yellow – red).
Also, if the player runs the device in the “Health” mode and shoots at it, the color of the LED on top of the device will change to the player’s color. Then the device will be at the mercy of the team of that color. In this case, you can’t recapture the device.
If the “Energy” mode is selected (regardless of the number of sets), the scale will gradually be filled. When the scale gets full you will hear a loud beep. The scale will be reset.  Pressing the button in this case will have no effect. Use the configurator to set the time when the scale gets full, select the type of the team and the number of sets. By default there are 10 sets; the auto reset period – 10 seconds; the type of the mode – “anomaly.”

Additional information

Charger type

Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA)

Battery type

Li+ (2,2 Ah)


25 х 14,5 х 5,5 cm


1.47 kg